We have applied new thinking and current research to present the best nutrition possible when it comes to cat food in Singapore, as cats have different needs from dogs.

Additional High Quality Fat Sources:

  • As obligate carnivores, cats need additional Arachidonic Acid (AA), an essential fatty acid for felines that they cannot produce on their own.
    We combine chicken fat, which has high levels of AA, and olive oil to deliver an optimal fatty acid profile in our cat food.

Delivery Specific Solutions:

  • Excellent fiber source
  • The magnesium level of oat fiber is lower than rice bran, thus helping us to achieve our Magnesium GA of 0.098% Max.
  • Oat fiber is a nutrient-rich and calorie-free, which helps cats feel full longer and reduces cravings
  • Indoor Health: Offers increased fiber to help move hairballs through the system and lower calories to support the more sedentary lifestyle of indoor cats

All formulas focus on the number one reason cats go to the vet and the biggest concern cited by consumers – Urinary Tract Health.

  • Achieve the consistent urine pH of 6.1 to 6.6, with a Standard Error of Mean (SEM) of less than 0.10.
  • Limit the amount of magnesium in the diet to further minimize risk.
  • Promote a healthy urinary tract environment with 3 types of cranberries.