On Ticketing and Registration

How do I get tickets for the exhibition?

Pet parents are required to book FREE tickets via the online ticketing system before heading down for the exhibition. You can register for tickets here.

You will have the option to choose your preferred date and timeslot to visit the exhibition with your fur kid/s via the ticketing system.

You and your fur kid will require a ticket each to enter the exhibition area.

Online registration will officially be closed 15 minutes before each timeslot.

Each timeslot is 90 minutes. There are limited tickets available per timeslot, and they are on a first-come-first-served basis.


Do I have to bring my ticket to the exhibition?

Yes, if you have booked tickets online, you are advised to bring your confirmation email for verification on the chosen date and timeslot. This can be shown either on your smartphone or as a printout. You are advised to arrive at the event 15 minutes before your timeslot for registration at the door.


What is the registration process at the door?

After verification, you will be issued an entry wristband according to your chosen timeslot and asked to acknowledge the personal liability wavier form. At the given time, you will be ushered into the exhibition area.


Can I arrive earlier to register at the door?

Yes, you may arrive earlier to register and collect your entry wristband. However, you will only be allowed into the exhibition area when it’s your chosen timeslot based on the online tickets.


On The Event

Are the dogs and the cats going to be in the same space at the same time?

This event is for both dogs and cats. However, for the safety of all fur kids, they must be kept segregated.

There will be separate interactive art exhibition areas for the dogs and the cats respectively. Dogs are only allowed in the interactive art exhibition area for dogs, and cats are only allowed in the interactive art exhibition area for cats.


What do I do if my cat or dog pees or poops?

You are responsible for clearing up after your pet. There will be poop bags, pee pads and cat litter available around the gallery for use. You may also approach the cleaners for further assistance if needed.


Do I need to leash my dog/s at the event?

Yes, your dog/s need to be leashed at all times.


Do I need to muzzle my dog/s at the event?

You will be responsible for keeping your dog/s in check and it is recommended that parents of larger sizes of dogs should a muzzle on hand as a precaution.


What happens if a pet is aggressive?

In the event of any excessive aggression displayed by pets, the event organiser reserves all rights to ask the pet parent to remove their pet from the gallery. The pet and pet parent may return to the gallery once the pet has calmed down or is under control. If you are concerned about aggression from another pet, please inform the event organiser.


What can I bring into the event area?

Due to space constraints and safety issues, pet strollers are not allowed in the event area.

Cat parents are allowed to bring their cats into the event area with their cat carriers, but should put their cat carriers in the designated area before entering the interactive art exhibition area.


How much time am I allowed in the interactive art exhibition areas?

In order to allow more pets to experience the exhibition, timeslots last 90 minutes for each pet parent and their pet/s. You will be notified about 15 minutes before the end of their timeslot and invited to make their exit accordingly.


May I be allowed to re-enter or extend my timeslot?

Depending on the crowd and sign ups, pet parents from earlier slots may be allowed to re-enter at the discretion of the event manager.


On Getting There

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Pet parents are to arrange for their own transportation to the event. Pet parents can also arrange for their transportation via our Pet Transportation Partner – Pet Mate.

Nearest parking available is at SOTA. SOTA is pet-friendly and pet parents are allowed to bring their pets into the premises for the event. There is also alternative nearby parking at The Cathay, Plaza Singapura, YMCA, SMU, POMO or Hotel Rendezvous.



Who can I contact if I have other queries?

You can contact us at wellness10thanniversary@gmail.com

For other specific inquiries, you can contact the following parties:

Media Enquiry – Daen at daen@thegoodfolks.com.sg

Event Related Enquiry – Melvin at melvin@thegoodfolks.com.sg

Wellness Pet Food Enquiry – info@silversky.com.sg or call +65 6742 7845