Is a Raw Meat Diet Healthy For My Cat?

Is a Raw Meat Diet Healthy For My Cat?

Feeding pets a raw diet has been a debate for decades. Logically, a raw diet seems natural for animals since they would eat raw meat in the wild, but domesticated animals are different. Their bodies have changed and adapted over time. They move less during the day, and they don’t have to hunt for their food.

While some dog owners feed their dogs raw diets, some pet owners may be surprised to learn that the discussion extends into the cat world as well. Just like dogs, cats have a natural instinct to return to their wild roots, and food is a great way to bridge the evolutionary gap. If you have a picky cat eater, this may be the reason why. Cats want flavor in their food just like us. They crave meaty textures and real flavors instead of artificial fillers. But is a raw diet the right option for your cat?

Research shows that a raw cat food diet has both pros and cons, so the answer isn’t so straightforward. Here is a quick list to show some of the benefits and the drawbacks when considering a raw diet for your furry friend.

The Pro List


A raw cat food diet offers essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes in a natural way. There are no fillers or artificial ingredients when it comes to eating raw, so your feline friend is getting a good quality food. You never have to worry about looking for wheat, soy or preservatives on the label.


We may think of cats as having different tastes than humans, but who doesn’t love flavor? The concept of taste plays a huge role in what our pets are willing to eat. Cats are naturally drawn to raw foods; it’s in their blood! Rich flavors contained in raw meats are what most cats are craving. If you have a picky eater, it may be based on taste alone.


The texture of raw food is enticing to cats. There are no fillers when eating raw, and raw food isn’t processed into repeated, unnatural shapes that sit in their food bowls. For some cats, the texture is everything and raw meals are something they can savor.

The Con List


Raw food, like any real food, can be costly. There is a huge difference between a bag of kibble and several prepared meals per day containing meat products. Your cat may like raw food, but your budget may not.

Time and Care

Preparing raw food for your furry friend is time-consuming. It’s like having another human in the house to cook for. You may like the idea of a raw diet, but your work life may not allow the time or energy.

Food Safety

When preparing dishes with raw meat ingredients, you must pay attention to food safety. Working with raw meat must be taken seriously. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly and wash your hands after preparing a raw dish. Be sure to properly dispose of leftover scraps, especially if you have young kids in the house.


There is a school of thought which suggests raw food may not be great for cats’ dental health. Unlike the kibble, nothing is scraping the cat’s teeth clean during the eating process. Raw only diets could cause more trips to the vet. On top of teeth issues, serving raw doesn’t always guarantee a balanced meal of nutrients and vitamins. Controlling and tracking the precise vitamins and enzymes in your cat’s raw diet can be difficult and risky since cats need certain vitamins to stay healthy.

It’s clear there are arguments for both sides of a raw cat food diet, but if you’re still unsure about what’s best for your fur baby, check out Wellness CORE RawRev. An excellent alternative to a raw diet, CORE RawRev is a high-protein kibble with real, freeze-dried raw meat mixed in. It contains no fillers or artificial anything. Every meal offers a balanced nutrient-rich dish that is full of flavor and safe for your home. Wellness CORE RawRev allows you to spoil your cat with the benefits of delicious free-dried raw meat, while ensuring a complete and balanced diet.

Cats love the flavors and different textures offered in Wellness CORE RawRev. Try the Original recipe or the Indoor option. Whether you have a picky cat or are simply weighing the raw diet options, grab a bag and see if Wellness CORE RawRev is right for your kitty.

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